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Jan 29, 2024 12:00 AM – 1:00 AM


With Megasoup

Music you can — and cannot — dance to. Jungle, techno, house, and other electronic music with beats (or not). Every other Sunday night / Monday morning from midnight to 1 am.

12:00 AM
Andrea - Am Der
Andrea Am Der
Due in Color Ilian Tape
12:06 AM
Pretty Sneaky - Entering Theme
Pretty Sneaky Entering Theme
Koldd Marionnete
12:08 AM
Kyoko Takenaka + Tomoki Sanders - 竹
Kyoko Takenaka + Tomoki Sanders
Planet Q Pure Person Press
12:12 AM
Anonymous Artist - Stereobeam
Anonymous Artist Stereobeam
Covert 4 Touched
12:14 AM
Mount Maxwell - Slow Moves
Mount Maxwell Slow Moves
Littlefolk Hotham Sound / We Are Busy Bodies
12:18 AM
Saphileaum - Top Green Hills
Saphileaum Top Green Hills
Collection 2 Companion
12:23 AM
Phil In A Maze - Echo Chamber (Rainy Day Dub)
Phil In A Maze Echo Chamber (Rainy Day Dub)
A Tree For Crying Times self released via Bandcamp
12:27 AM
One Million Eyes - Sine Fine
One Million Eyes Sine Fine
Iris A Strangely Isolated Place
12:29 AM
Ocoeur - L'éveil
Ocoeur L'éveil
L'éveil MERLIN - n5MD
12:35 AM
Koova - Skringills
Koova Skringills
Explorer 183 Longhaul
12:40 AM
Andriy Kostyukov - vyriy
Andriy Kostyukov vyriy
Shelest Dub surf netlabel
12:43 AM
Salamanda - Tonal, Fluid
Salamanda Tonal, Fluid
In Parallel Wisdom Teeth
12:46 AM
Session Victim - assembler
Session Victim assembler
low key, low pressure Night Time Stories
12:49 AM
Aleksi Perälä - FI3AC2392050
Aleksi Perälä FI3AC2392050
GAIA 8 AP Musik
12:55 AM
Polypores - Enchantments
Polypores Enchantments
Praedormitium Castles in Space
12:58 AM
Mister Water Wet - Have A Seat
Mister Water Wet Have A Seat
Cold Clay From The Middle West Soda Gong