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Thursday 8PM-10PM

Sep 7, 2023 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Pacifica

Thursday 8PM-10PM
8:02 PM
Amaara - Shimmering Light / Visions
Amaara Shimmering Light / Visions New
Child of Venus Lady Moon Records
8:07 PM
Another Girl - P12B
Another Girl P12B
In the Galaxy SME - RCA/Legacy
8:13 PM
Daniel Wolfe - Rabinal
Daniel Wolfe Rabinal
The Blue Book Daniel Wolfe
8:18 PM
Jon Camp - Headwinds & Tailwinds
Jon Camp Headwinds & Tailwinds
Headwinds & Tailwinds Jon Camp
8:32 PM
Gary Wright - Dream Weaver
Gary Wright Dream Weaver
The Dream Weaver Rhino/Warner Records
8:33 PM
Beach House - Become
Beach House Become New
Become Subpop Record Group
8:39 PM
Talk West - Set Adrift
Talk West Set Adrift New
Black Coral Sprig Scissor Tail Records
8:43 PM
South Pacific - Blue Lotus
South Pacific Blue Lotus
Constance Nonblessed
8:47 PM
Bedroom - Better Friends
Bedroom Better Friends New
Better Friends MERLIN - Licensed from Noah Kittinger under exclusive license to Amuseio AB
8:54 PM
Roky Erickson - Sputnik
Roky Erickson Sputnik
The Evil One ORCHARD - Light In The Attic
8:58 PM
The 1981 - Notebox
The 1981 Notebox New
Notebox Dandy Boy Records
9:03 PM
Blouse - Trust Me
Blouse Trust Me
Imperium Captured Tracks
9:07 PM
Alex Cuba - Hoy Como Ayer
Alex Cuba Hoy Como Ayer
Hoy Como Ayer Caracol Records / Fontana North
9:18 PM
Mister Water Wet - Frass
Mister Water Wet Frass New
Top Natural Drum Soda Gong
9:20 PM
Cecilia Ann - Imperactivo
Cecilia Ann Imperactivo
Suenacuento MERLIN - Elefant Records
9:24 PM
The Blind Shake - Young Carnival Waste
The Blind Shake Young Carnival Waste
Breakfast of Failures Goner
9:28 PM
Avalon Emerson - Hot Evening
Avalon Emerson Hot Evening New
Hot Evening Another Dove
9:35 PM
Neung Phak - Sad Chatri
Neung Phak Sad Chatri
2 Abduction
9:41 PM
Woman's Hour - Our Love Has No Rhythm
Woman's Hour Our Love Has No Rhythm
Conversations Secretly Canadian
9:48 PM
Dream Dolphin - Ao No Yume ~Dreaming Blue~
Dream Dolphin Ao No Yume ~Dreaming Blue~ New
Gaia: Selected Ambient & Downtempo Works (1996-2003) Music From Memory