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May 19, 2023 1:30 PM – 3:00 PM


1:33 PM
Drew Beskin - Sun Cancer
Drew Beskin Sun Cancer New
Somewhere Sideways Same As You Super Canoe
1:39 PM
The Aerosols - Summer Lasers
The Aerosols Summer Lasers
Room For Wrong Land of the Lost
1:42 PM
Blueboy - River
Blueboy River
Battery Point Sarah Records
1:47 PM
The Cactus Channel - Stop Me
The Cactus Channel Stop Me
Stay a While BELIEVE - HopeStreet Recordings
1:56 PM
Office Culture - Timing
Office Culture Timing New
Big Time Things Northern Spy
2:02 PM
Connie Evingson - Canadian Sunset
Connie Evingson Canadian Sunset
Sweet Happy Life Minnehaha Music
2:08 PM
Bossacucanova & Roberto Menescal - Surfboard
Bossacucanova & Roberto Menescal Surfboard
Brasilidade WMG - WM France
2:11 PM
Orbit 17 - Big Sur
Orbit 17 Big Sur New
bonfires Orbital Records
2:19 PM
Ron Trent - Admira
Ron Trent Admira New
What Do the Stars Say to You Night Time Stories
2:26 PM
Glass Traps - Obron
Glass Traps Obron
Glass Traps Glass Traps Music
2:30 PM
Pink Sky - Miami
Pink Sky Miami
Forms Pink Sky
2:35 PM
Faye Wong - Chanel
Faye Wong Chanel
Fable UMG - Cinepoly Records Co. Ltd.
2:42 PM
Warpaint - Melting
Warpaint Melting New
Radiate Like This UMG - Virgin Music UK LAS (P&D)
2:47 PM
Louise Burns - Pharaoh
Louise Burns Pharaoh
Pharaoh Light Organ Records
2:52 PM
Tchiya Amet - Lluvia
Tchiya Amet Lluvia
Black Turtle Island Milky Way Records
2:59 PM
Lunar Vacation - Purple Dreams no. 4
Lunar Vacation Purple Dreams no. 4 New
Inside Every Fig is a Dead Wasp Dew Process